Glimmerglass Opera 2008






"Michael Mott and Bradley Nacht stole scenes as gangsters sent to collect on a

gambling debt. Their show-stopping duet, Brush Up Your Shakespeare, ended with a sly original verse by Kelley Rourke, the dramaturge, filled with references to the other Glimmerglass offerings." ­-New York Times


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"As the gangsters, Michael Mott and Brad Nacht brought down the house with

Brush Up Your Shakespeare."  -Wall Street Journal


WALL STREET JOURNAL REVIEW: Shakespeare Drab and Dark


"And the hilarious handling of the hood duet Brush Up Your Shakespeare by Michael Mott and Brad Nacht, tenors posing as Sopranos, stops the show in its tracks. Broadway producers in search of a ready-made production for an empty theater this fallshould head to Cooperstown without delay."

-New York Sun Times


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"Good performances come from Lisa Vroman as Lilli Vanessi/Kate, and
Michael Mott and Bradley Nacht as the gangsters. Vroman is the only one to convey realistic emotions, while the men are genuinely funny because they
show restraint." -Globe and Mail


GLOBE AND MAIL REVIEW: Bel canto Bard wins; Broadway loses


"Michael Mott and Brad Nacht steal their scenes as the gangsters, culminating in the show-stopping Brush Up Your Shakespeare where Porter's wordplay

skills reach humorous heights." -The Post-Standard


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"The two gangsters, Michael Mott and Bradley Nacht, gleefully snarled out a few threats before they became awestruck and joined the "Shrew" in drag. They had some of the funniest bits. But Porter allowed them a long number all dressed to the nines in Brush Up Your Shakespeare, in which they danced, sang and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. So did we." -The Daily Gazette


"The infectious Brush Up Your Shakespeare arrived just before the finale, delivered by stage-struck gangsters Michael Mott and Bradley Nacht. "

-Times Union


"Michael Mott and Bradley Nacht, the two gangsters, are terrific, especially brushing up on their Shakespeare. Porter generally would be delighted."

-The New Jersey Independent Press


"Our two gangsters, played by Michael Mott (an Ithaca College graduate who has also appeared at the Kitchen Theatre) and Bradley Nacht were delightful in their parts as stagestruck criminals. Their version of Brush Up Your Shakespeare - with extra verses that included a neat local pitch - brought down the house." -Ithaca Times


"The soft-shoe duet, Brush Up Your Shakespeare, sung by the two debt-collecting thugs, played by Michael Mott and Bradley Nacht, still stops the second act. The duo earn even more laughs from an improvised last verse, “Brush Up Your Opera,” with convoluted Porteresque rhymes flacking the company’s other offerings of the summer." -Syracuse New Times


"...two literary gangsters, played by the engaging Michael Mott and Bradley Nacht... The "Bowery waltz" show-stopper Brush Up Your Shakespeare, sung by the two stage-struck nameless gangsters, is as sweetly salacious as anything the Bard ever wrote... As sung by Mott and Nacht, this (mostly) uncut GlimmerglassBrush Up Your Shakespeare was a production standout."

-Life & Times




World Premiere National Tour 2009 - 2010


"The Doorman [Michael Mott] is as charming as
can be..." -Iowa Gazette Online


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Stanley show brings actor 'full circle'




Musicals Tonight! 2011


"Matthew Conti and Michael Mott make delightful mayhem as a boss and his sole employee - stereotyped Italian immigrants - to whom Roosevelt tries to explain collective bargaining." -Backstage


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"Michael Mott and Matthew Conti do a nice turn as the carousel Italians." -Women Around Town



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The Fireside Theatre 2011


"Likewise very good are Matthew Conti, Michael Mott, Michael Andrako and Kevin Barthel as the four members of Cline’s backup group the Jordanaires. In addition to harmony for the leading lady, they call up old memories with mid-century radio commercials for Mr. Clean, Ajax, and even Winston cigarettes. They also do a great job of harmonizing on the list of radio stations where Patsy tried to get her songs played." -Rockford Register Star






Merry-Go-Round Playhouse 2011


"...Michael Mott's Louie irresistibly rocking the house to Doo-Wah Doo-Wee." -Ithaca Times


ITHACA TIMES: Patently Nostalgic at the Merry Go Round





Wagon Wheel Theatre, 2011


"Jennifer Dow and Michael Mott have good chemistry on stage... whether their characters are arguing or kissing, they bring a sense of romance to the show. I believe Miracle is Mott’s first performance at the Wagon Wheel, but after this show audiences will look forward to him coming back to Warsaw for future roles."

- Times Union


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