Music & Lyrics by Michael Mott

Book by Corey Skaggs

Orchestrations by Kim Scharnberg






Trapped in a deteriorating marriage for the past ten years, life isn't about to get any easier for Debra Delbono.  With the recent appointment of her husband, Tony, as mob boss, plus the discontinuation of her favorite Prada product have really put a damper on things.  As Debra tries to patch up her marriage, Tony has "other plans" with a big-breasted blonde bimbo.  What follows is a series of mishaps, miscommunications and misunderstandings culminating in the couple discovering true happiness in a very unexpected way!  With a fun, vibrant pop/ rock score, Mob Wife (formerly The Life of a Mob Wife) was the first musical by Mott.  It had its world premiere in 2003 in his hometown of New Hartford, New York.  In conjunction with the show, an original cast recording was made.


In February 2012, Michael enlisted the help of Broadway director, Nick Eilerman, and book writer, Corey Skaggs, to collaborate on a brand new version of the piece.  In June of that year, Mob Wife - A Mafia Comedy was presented at The Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival's THE PITCH.  Featuring Mott and Skaggs at the piano, providing insight on the new script and score, Jacqueline Petroccia stars as Debra Delbono.


In February 2013, Mob Wife received its first AEA 29 Hour Reading, produced by TONY Award Winning Producer, Carolyn Miller.  The cast included Matt Ban, Tommy Bracco, Corey Greenan, Joel Hatch, Marissa McGowan, Brad Nacht, Bill Nolte, Orfeh, Anthony Patellis, and Jacqueline Petroccia.



Back to Life Before

Elevate My Love

Let You Go


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Music & Lyrics by Michael Mott

Book by Justin Silvestri

Arrangements by Jeff Theiss

Orchestrations by Kim Scharnberg


Influenced by Christopher Marlowe's Doctor Faustus and Goethe's Faust, Faustus: The Musical follows the life of the eponymous character, Dr. John Faustus.  An entanglement of various musical styles, this epic musical explores the great duality of human motivation, self-love and self-sacrifice.  A scholar and adviser of princes, Doctor Faustus flees to the small city of Erfurt in order to save his daughter from the ravages of consumption.  However, Erfurt has little to offer Faustus, until his chance encounter with a mysterious merchant.  His desperation for his daughter ensnares Faustus in a demon's pact, a passionate love affair with a Baroness' daughter, and a contest of cosmic consequences.  Now, Faustus and those around him must struggle with the inner demons of their deepest desires if they wish to escape eternal damnation.


In 2013, an 11-track demo recording was made featuring some of Broadway's hottest names, including Jeremy Jordan, Laura Osnes, Marissa McGowan, Jeremy Stolle and Michael Hunsaker.



2013 Demo Recording



In The Night

Her Embrace

Dare To Dream


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"Faustus, The Musical"


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